The Xbox One currently sits on 3.9 Million units shipped thanks to a “great” holiday season. During that quarter Microsoft saw a rise in sales by 14%, which is good for numbers. The total after the jump now stands at $24.52 Billion and a net income at $6.56 Billion, up by 3% from last year.

xbox-one-vs-ps4-578-80The 3.9 Million units that have been sold in the retail channel. This number though, isn’t quite as large as Sony’s PlayStation 4 which according to reports has sold 4.2 Million units worldwide. One area that continues to be ever profitable for Microsoft is their Xbox Live. It rose 25% in the final 3 months of 2013. Sadly an area that is dragging (literally) Microsoft down is the sales of it’s legacy console which moved 3.5 million units in the holiday quarter, similar numbers to the Xbox One, yes but those sales are down by 40% from 5.9 million units the holiday quarter of 2012 and that’s a decline of 28% from 2011. It’s not a lack of interest for the Xbox 360 that caused the decline but it’s pretty well known once you have one, you’re less than likely to need another, obviously unless it breaks. I’ve had my Xbox 360 since 2009 an upgrade from previously sharing one with my brother.

Are you an owner of one of the 3.9 million Xbox One’s sold? Or are you supporting the more popular PS4? Let us know in the comments below!

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