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In a departure from the reviews I usually write (‘this game sucks, go play Saints Row IV instead’) I feel compelled this week to write about a web-comic I stumbled upon last night while telling a friend of mine that fans of Marvel and fans of DC can never really get along, mostly because DC fans are silly stupid heads who like silly stupid head things.

More often than not I’d have passed the buck of this review over to our expert at handling this sort of thing, esteemed comic writer Josh, but the Adventures of Matt-N-Nae provides such a lovely slice of gooey insight into the life of your average nerdy couple that I just couldn’t help but take on the mantle myself; last night I read the whole thing in one go. It’s delightful.

The artwork is sweet, simple, and charmingly drawn by the female element in this partnership of power Renae, whose  amiable style put me fondly in mind of cult classic Ctrl Alt Del. Husband Matt takes on writing duties, drawing inspiration from their shared experience as a couple living in Iowa and scripting their lives into something we can all giggle about, sympathize with and ultimately, relate to. Importantly for this comic’s long term survival hopes, it’s not only nerds who’ll find themselves empathizing but people in general, who live and love and try to figure out the ramifications of epic super-hero battles in their heads.

The difference between success and mid-table mundanity in the unexpectedly cutthroat world of web comics often revolves around a mixture of variety, intelligent story arching and a clever web presence and based on current evidence, Matt-N-Nae should do just fine. Whilst a lot of web comics die off within the first few months through lack of attention, Matt-N-Nae deserves to continue doing what it’s doing for as long as it wants to do it. Its honesty, its charm and its true-to-life insight set it apart from the herd, making it the newest bookmark in my browser, sitting snugly between N3rdabl3 and Netflix.

Matt-N-Nae made my evening feel altogether…sweeter. I hope it does the same for you too.


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Kendra Lewis
Kendra Lewis

1. Thanks so much for technically calling me a silly stupid head. SOMEONE needs to rethink his manners!
2. I am so very pleased that you reviewed their comic so well that I am alnost willing to overlook it!