Alien vs Wii U

I’ll start with the bad news… At least to everyone hoping for another FPS game where you can scream ‘They’re coming outta the goddamn walls!’. There will be no co-operative play.

Actually, I’m quite glad of that. There’s been too many half-arsed Alien themed games that have added multiplayer modes and they have sucked more than a facehugger on a particularly horny outing into human territory.

The game will focus instead on a claustrophobic game of cat and mouse, or Xeno and daughter of Ripley if you will, on a spacecraft designed to emulate the tension of the original 1979 movie.

Phraxus CA has answered the public on the official forum by saying:

“Alien: Isolation doesn’t feature co-op play. It’s a single-player, survival-horror game.

“You can find out more here :

Hope that helps”

So, now we know that for sure, on to some other bad news… Wii U users are getting the mucus covered end of the stick again, as Sega has confirmed that the title will not appear on Nintendo’s console. It’s quite a shame, as the controller would be perfect for the in-game radar display. Such a missed opportunity by the Sonic creators.

The good news is, that Alien: Isolation will be rendered in full 1080p on both next generation consoles. That’s great, seeing as the Xbox One has been having a lot of complaints about 720p games on a ‘console of the future’. You can poop your pants in fear of a true HD, H.R Giger xenomorph uncurling from the ceiling to munch your ever so tasty brain matter.

Set to be released late in the year, this unique Alien game looks to take the franchise into much more suitable ground in a single player, survival horror that everyone has been waiting for. Then again, lets wait for the game to be released before we start pulling out our pulse rifles, especially after the abomination that was Colonial Marines.

You can catch some gameplay footage and find out more on Alien: Isolation from our very own James Knack right HERE!

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