In a recent interview with the Official Xbox Magazine, Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer revealed that they actually considered removing the disc drive of the Xbox One as late as six months before the console’s launch.

Before Microsoft revealed all at E3 last year it was rumoured that the Xbox One would come with a Blu-ray drive, we all know now that it does but back then Microsoft were actually considering removing the disc drive completely to create an all-digital console. Speaking with OXM Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said:

“Obviously, after the announcement and E3, there was some feedback about what people wanted to change,” he explained. “There was a real discussion about whether we should have an optical disc drive in Xbox One or if we could get away with a purely disc-less console, but when you start looking at bandwidth and game size, it does create issues.”

Thankfully it looks like someone saw sense and realised that the worlds internet isn’t quite ready for a disc-less console and that many people wouldn’t be able to download such big titles. Spencer continued to say:

“So we decided – which I think was the right decision – to go with the Blu-ray drive and give the people an easy way to install a lot of content. From some of those original thoughts, you saw a lot of us really focusing on the digital ecosystem you see on other devices – thinking of and building around that.”

Would you have gone for the Xbox One if it was completely digital? I’m not sure if I would have, our Internet connection isn’t exactly the worst, but it still takes a good hour or so to download 3GB of data. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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Paul Graham

Fully digital consoles will kill gaming. If your purchase experience is limited to paying what online stores dictate, then the hobby will become overly expensive for a thin air product that offers no chance of trade-ins or swapping with friends.

Especially under the limited system that was dictated before Microsoft’s change of direction after E3.