Remember last year when ASUS released a teaser video which seemed to point to a dual booting Android/Windows tablet? Well it seems that an image as well as some information on the tablet has leaked ahead of the official announcement at CES this week and what we’re looking at is something pretty awesome.

On Sunday ASUS prematurely uploaded and published a video for the device which is set to be called the Transformer Book Duet with the model number ‘TD300’. The video has since been removed but not before some one snapped some screen shots. The video itself described the tablet as a “quad-mode dual-OS” device which gives the user to boot both Android and Windows which according to the video only takes around 8 seconds for the switch to happen.

There’s no complicated system settings to sift through either, in order to make the switch all the user has to do is plug the tablet into or take the tablet out of the keyboard dock in order to change to the chosen OS. There’s also the option, according to the video, for the user to “choose between Windows tablet or Android tablet at one touch”.

In terms of specs, there were none revealed, but for processing power ASUS are known to have Nvidia Tegra chips on board so considering the Transformer Book Duet  is a dual boot device that may need a fair bit of power, could we be seeing the first device with the Nvidia Tegra K1 that was announced last night?

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