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You’ve heard of zombies, your nan’s heard of zombies, your children are going to hear about zombies, the kid getting paid £4.80 an hour down at your local cinema is bored of zombies, the world is thoroughly aware that zombies exist in the fantastically diseased world of contemporary apocalypse-themed cinema – until now it seems.

Thanks to the folks at IRL Shooter, we can add an immersive experience to the list that fans of the infamous roaming deceased can be proud of with the introduction of Patient 0, a Sydney-based storytelling experience with a whole bunch of awesome mechanics thrown into the mix.

After making an impact in Melbourne last year, the masterminds behind the venture decided to overhaul the game’s technology and take it that step further with a “total immersion” atmosphere – but before the eager start lacing up their combat boots, sit down, have a cup of tea, it’s still in development for the time being.

Players of the game will be armed with an abundance of full-weight, adjustable M4 assault rifles complete with realistic sound effects and physical attributes such as recoil and a mild muzzle flash.

The story itself will bring participants into a warehouse where they will move through the complex of what will appear to be a chemical research facility, encountering NPCs such as bandits and allies which will vary depending on how the squad chooses to interact with them. Between social opportunities and branches in the story, there will be a continuous battle to “survive” with a constant onslaught of the undead heading your way in the form of very enthusiastic actors caked in almost nerve-wrecking costumes – I’m already throwing my money at the screen.

Now the scoring system is probably the most fascinating aspect of the project, with co-operative points both in the actor’s clothing and in the authentic military-grade hardware you’ll be lugging around, players can rack up a number of points depending on their methods of execution and interaction, with an additional “Pain Belt” which comes as an option for those wanting the full works; The Pain Belt will deliver a mild electric jolt whenever you take damage, simulating the tension and emergency such a situation could inspire.

If you can get yourself Sydney and happen to be looking for something different to do, why not build a team with your friends or even take a dive and partner up with other lone wolves to knock the dead down a few more pegs? The first chance I get, I know I’ll be there.

Be sure to visit the Pozible page for more information, and if you want to put in your support, stick in a pledge! IRL needs our help to make this happen.

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