…Or to be more precise, it looks like it will feature cold-based pun merchant, Mr. Freeze. Everyone’s favourite frosty felon seems to be making his introduction in the new Batman: AO story DLC.

With only a picture of an ice-caked humanitarian award to go on, this is all supposition as it is Winter in Gotham during the game’s tense plot line. However, there’s only one villain that fits the M.O, and that would be Dr. Victor Fries.

I’ll assume that if this is the case, Bruce Wayne is in for a first meeting with the super-cool bad dude in spectacular fashion at an awards ceremony and by analysing the story on Kotaku, we might see a peep at another high profile character.

Quoting Mike Fahey on the website, he says:

We knew story DLC was coming for Arkham Origins.Speaking to Eurogamer last year (love saying that), Batman Arkham Origins senior producer Ben Mattes said the story DLC for the game would “focus on one of the most key relationships in Batman canon.”

That sounds like a cue for the boy wonder to make his entrance for the prequel game. Hopefully, it won’t mimic the 1997 movie, Batman & Robin too much though. That contained enough cheese to choke a Godzilla sized mouse.


Until more news arrives, stay frosty and keep your eye on n3rdabl3 for more information, also, get practicing those awful Arnie accents, just because you can!

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