“Wait the Power Rangers aren’t in comic books?” Cries the observant smart Alec. Well they’re not yet but the original super six get their own graphic release in the Spring. If your from my generation or anything post 1992 you probably know of the Power Rangers; Colourful helmet wearing superheroes who use giant robots to fight the evil rubber suit empire.

For this edition I’m going to split things down the middle. I’ll do some discussion about the production background and a brief recap of the actual history of the original Power Rangers.

Supposedly back in the 1980’s media man Haim Saban was on a business trip in Japan. By chance in his hotel room he caught an episode of children’s show Super Sentai. Partly inspired by the Japanese produced Spider-man TV show, he was then apparently struck by a stroke of genius..

He could take all the action scenes from Super Sentai and edit them to show more Western scenes and create a TV show for the West. It took several tries to get the formula right and at first the show was called Galaxy Rangers. From it’s promotional trailer it planned to use wider birth of the Super Sentai footage.

An early unaired pilot depicted a more violent taking on the kids show but Eventually we got Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. It was such a success it’s first season was increased and it’s original script was altered so mainstay villain wasn’t defeated.

Now you know were the show comes from, let’s look inside the show itself.

Many eons ago the great wizard Zordon succeeded in sealing away the evil witch Rita Repulsa in a dumpster in the moon. At the start of the 90’s a team of astronauts found the dumpster and released the evil witch who returns to her plan to conquer Earth.

Meanwhile Zordon and his trusty robot pal Alpha detect the witches escape and summon 5 teenagers to their command centre from neighbouring city Angel Grove to become the owners of the power coins.

Each coin has the power to turn their user in a super powered costumed being and able to summon a dinosaur themed mecha or ‘Zord’.

Initially rejecting Zordons offer, the teens leave. But they quickly re-consider after being attacked by Rita’s foot soldiers, the Putty Patrollers. The team decided to use the metamorphoses function of their power coins and morph into the Power Rangers.

And thus, the story begins.

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