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So if you didn’t know, the Amazing Spider-man’s source material is a hybrid of two different universes. It’s a mixture of the Ultimate Universe a modern re-telling of the Marvel continuity and a writers playground for writers to kill or do whatever they want with characters, or even alternate characters origins and a mixture of Earth 616, the ‘regular’ Marvel universe.

So, back to the altering of characters back stories, let’s talk about Spider-woman. Early on in the Ultimate Universe they decided to a re-telling of the clone saga. One of the most controversial Spider-man stories ever.

For this version Peter begins to encounter clones of himself. One is dressed like the Scorpion and the one of the others is a girl. That’s right a girl. A female version of Peter Parker, who almost looks like his female twin.

She’s takes the name Jessica Drew as a subtle reference to her 616 counterpart. This clone has a better grasp of her powers and shoots webbing from her fingertips. Along the way she discovers her purpose was to be a spy.

After the saga ends and it’s revealed Doctor Octopus is the master of the duplication mayhem, Nick Fury asks her to join S.H.I.E.L.D. as a secret agent. Jessica goes on various missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. and even helps out with the Ultimate Universes equivalent of The Avengers, The Ultimates.

She even keeps a close eye on the evil Roxxon corporation who are creating more bio weapons.

After Peter’s death Jessica is en-raged to find out that a new person has taken up the Spider-man identity finding it in bad taste that someone would take up the guise after Peter’s tragic death. Eventually after meeting the new Spider-man, Miles Morales, Jessica changed her mind and gave him her blessing along with a proper costume (at first he was using a Halloween costume).

The two even work together throughout some of the bigger story events in the Ultimate Universe.

So if you’ve been paying attention to the comic book press you’ll know the Ultimate Universe is going through another big change. Come April Spider-woman will become Black Widow and will join the new Ultimates team which is lead by Spider-man and comprised of other teen superheroes.

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