Fans of Destruction Derby and the FlatOut series of racing games won’t have to wait much longer to get access to BugBear’s Next Car Game, in fact, they won’t have to wait at all now Next Car Game has entered Steams Early Access giving you.. early access.. to the “full version of the technology sneak peek 2.0”

After recieving rip roaring success on Steam’s Greenlight, BugBear are pleased to announce that Next Car Game (working title, obviously) is now on Steam’s Early Access for £18.99 giving you exclusive access to early technology developments for the game. Though be warned, it’s a very early tech demo that features ramps, destruction physics, and other toys that you can play with, and doesn’t represent the final game.

What you will get access to looks absolutely awesome though, featuring the full version of the technology sneak peek 2.0 “with a lot additional cool content for the demo like physics cannon with explosive missiles, new destructive machinery, more spectacular stunts and a ton of dynamic stuff to blow up!” according to BugBear.

For those not watching to blow almost £20 on a tech demo, you can still access the free tech demo through BugBear’s website that contains a limited version of the playground scene that they use internally to test various features like car damage and environment destruction.

Finally, BugBear have released a ton of new screenshots which you can see below.

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