Despite Bully, or Canis Canem Edit for those of us in the PAL region, being around eight years old, there are still some people out there injecting life into the school yard open-world adventure game. The latest is in the form of the ‘Zombie Edition’ mod which turns the games AI into rather hilarious shuffling Zombies.

Grab your marbles and bottle rockets as there’s a hoard of shuffling monstrosities coming your way. The Zombie Edition Mod is in it’s fairly early stages of development and the above video is all the developers really have to show for the mod, which also means you currently can’t add this mod to your copy of Bully, but never fear you can check the mod’s progress over on the ModDb page!

When it hopefully becomes available, be sure to look out on our YouTube channel for James’ attempt at surviving the strange zombie apocalypse with nothing more than a potato gun..

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