Earlier this week a poster revealing the details of the upcoming Onslaught DLC map pack was spotted at a Gamestop store which not only revealed the maps which should be coming in the DLC, but the release date of January 28. Of course this was all rumour and speculation, but two hours ago (at time of wrighting) the Call of Duty Instagram account has all but confirmed that the poster was correct.

Two hours ago the Call of Duty Intagram account posted a cryptic trailer-type video with the caption: “Something menacing is coming Jan. 28. Get ready for the #Onslaught. | #CODGhosts #COD #CallofDuty” the video included a horror-type trailer complete with axe wielding first person gameplay aimlessly wandering through a creepy forest. Clips showing an abandoned camp-site and derelict house can also be seen. Check it out yourself below!

Could this be an indication of what to expect in the first episode of the upcoming four-part Extinction mode? Leave a comment below!

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