If you’ve been wondering about the setting you’ll be stalking in the climax to the Lords of Shadow series of Castlevania games, wonder no more! It looks like Gabeula will be haunting the streets of London in a strange mish-mash of Gothic architecture and near future city streets.

Now, apparent in the screenshots, the world has changed dramatically and a gigantic dark cathedral towers over the streets of a gritty London. It actually looks quite menacing and is a step away from the usual scenery we’ve seen in gaming. Some new key enemies can also be viewed. A bald man in robes fires lightning from his fingertips into Gabriel in a scene reminiscent of Return of the Jedi, only I don’t think Drac will have the assistance of Darth Vader to get him out of this one.

The story continues with Gabriel, now transformed into everyone’s favourite blood-sucking fiend, Dracula, wakes up with the intent of release from immortality and confronts death to make a pact to defeat Beelzebub and regain the chance at eternal slumber. That sounds like a huge contradiction, but I imagine time locked away being an immortal is a bit on the boring side…

In a terribly weakened state and looking a little like a well dressed vagrant, our anti-hero must regain his lost powers to take on the King of Hell and his army. The pictures show Gabe in a decrepit form and as he grows in power, his body will regenerate to it’s fine physical specimen, ready to take on Auld Nick in style.

Have a look at the screenshots below to see just how moody everything looks. The original game manged to bring an olde world style to life with a fantasy sense of gloom and danger but LOS2 really captures a doom laden atmosphere into London’s very cobblestones.

If that wasn’t enough for you, other news regarding Lords of Shadow 2 this week reveals that if Dracula’s super powered immortal abilities aren’t enough to decimate a cockney constituency to ashes, then the option to transform into a massive, black and fire infused dragon definitely will… Enough to scare the jellied eels out of the most hardened of East End wideboys.


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