You’ve all heard of the Walking Dead right? You may have also heard of Invincible? Well, did you know that both of them are written by Robert Kirkman? The man that likes to question genre rules and bring these rules’ flaws to our attention.

A little further down the line he did an interview discussing the comic book industry. He discussed the idea of how crossovers and shared universe series can be unfair to the reader as it forces them to buy more then one series. Well with the recent state of things I agree. But I think it’s also damaging to smaller characters.

For example the New 52 bought us a Teen Titans and Superboy book. Superboy is also a Teen Titan. Though I’ve been less inclined to read Superboy single issues in the fear of finding another 20 page long advertisement trying to get me to buy the next Teen Titans issue.

That’s annoying and unfair to a reader who may love the Superboy character and is being told ‘Want to have a clue of what’s going on here? Go buy another comic and you will!’

It’s also damaging to the title. For one people like me wont bother buying and reading the book and is also kills any chance of the character expanding.

It’s early days for the New 52 and building a character takes time, time that’s being wasted with cheap lazy marketing tactics.

A shared continuity is fine. Little references are great and logically crossovers work well. Like Superman and Supergirl meeting each other after Supergirl has a super battle against a team of mecha mercenaries.

I know big shared universes are big thanks to success of The Avengers meaning that everyone trying to copy the smart guy’s homework but if smaller less popular books becoming subtle trailers to bigger titles it could mean that we end of up an over saturation of certain characters.

For example Wolverine. It’s become a joke between writers to write him in to any situation, it may be funny for them but it can become quite tedious for those who have to bear those jokey fruits.

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