Our father, who art in Calgary, bobsled be thy name.

Turns out Jamaica does have a bobsled team after all…and that team is good enough to qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. (In the interest of fairness, they’ve been there before) Unfortunately, as if some sort of amazing movie plot, after the tropical country qualified for an event no one expected them to qualify for, they discovered they did not have the funding to get to Russia. In an even bigger blow, the Jamaica Olympic Association wasn’t really helping. (Where’d all that Usain Bolt money go?)

…and in walked the man himself, John Candy.

Historically accurate bobsled training photo

Ok maybe not. However, they did have a savior in the midst of the internet, by the name Lincoln Wheeler. He used a crowdfunding site called ‘Crowdtilt‘, and after being noticed by Chris Stokes and Devon Harris (team president and Cool Runnings founding team member, respectively) Wheeler’s campaign was made the official tam fundraising platform.

Through a combination of donations (which included nearly 30 Million dogecoins – roughly $30,000) the team managed to raise just about $130,000 which is $50,000 more than their initial goal. Even better, Jamaican Olympic officials announced that they will now cover the travel costs of the team, freeing up the donated money for expenses and equipment so the team can properly train.

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