Earlier today Activision announced the upcoming release of  Cut the Rope: Triple Treat which is set to bring all three Cut the Rope titles Nintendo’s handheld console bringing with it over 650 levels and 50 hours of candy chomping gameplay.

Coming soon to Nintendo 3DS, Cut the Rope: Triple Treat will for the first time bring all three Cut the Rope games by ZeptoLab, the original mobile version, as well as its first two sequels, Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel – in an all-new, 3D experience. That’s right, Cut the Rope in 3D.

Boasting over 650 levels and 50 hours of gameplay Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is fully optimised for Nintendo’s 3DS system with added precision control interface of 3DS stylus, online leaderboards, in-game achievements, stereoscopic 3D visuals during gameplay and cheerfully animated Om Nom Stories.

No specific release date has been announced other than a rough “Early 2014” release window. To celebrate the announcement Activision have released the following screen shots.

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