In case you haven’t been paying attention to the internet, or Steam, or…well, zombies, DayZ passed the 1 Million units sold milestone recently. Nearly one month to the day after release, the alpha version (yes, I said alpha) of the hyper-realistic zombie survival title has posted absolutely insane sales numbers. Viktor Kostik, the lead animator of the title decided that was reason enough to celebrate – so he made a little video.

No, not the night-vision one-night-stand ‘OOOOH I’M RICH’ sex-video you’d expect (just kidding, I don’t know Viktor, but that doesn’t seem his style) but a dance video.

Taking obvious cues from the super-awesome musical mega hit of the 20th century (yes I’m a tad biased) Thriller, Viktor made some zombies…well, why don’t you just watch.

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