The Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 is set to get a massive 13GB update in order to pave the way for the Operation Broken Eagle DLC which is set to launch tomorrow, Microsoft have confirmed, the company also revealed a few other details about the hefty Title Update.

“Capcom Vancouver released a new title update today for Dead Rising 3 in advance of tomorrow’s (today’s) launch of the game’s first DLC episode, Operation Broken Eagle.” said Microsoft in a Press Release. “The update introduces a host of improvements to single-player and co-op gameplay, including a variety of performance and stability upgrades, and fixes for issues related to achievements, UI updates, SmartGlass and more. Additionally, it adds a new impulse trigger feature that notifies players when they are running low on ammo.”

Finally you’ll be a little more prepared next time you’re stepping out into the Zombie infested world with only a single clip of ammo. The press release also revealed more information about the upcoming DLC, Operation Broken Eagle, saying that it puts you in control of Spec Ops commander Adam Kane who’s given the task of finding and capturing the US President who’s somewhere in the zombie torn world.

Operation Broken Eagle is looking to set you back around £7.99 and includes a new single player mission – so no co-op – five new weapons, one new combo weapon, a new vehicle, as well as a new outfit and achievements.

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