We try to cater to everyone here at n3rdabl3. Sure, we’re a “” site, but we’re also a “.com” too so today I’m going to be writing a Deal of the Day specifically for our North American readers out there. Today’s Deal of the Day is actually a Deals of the Day, courtesy of who have recently revealed their top ten best selling games of 2013 as well as discounting most of them!

2013 was a fantastic year for gaming, not only did we have the launch of two new consoles, we also saw some fantastic releases, some of which are featured in this list. So without further delay let’s begin with Amazon’s top 10 best selling games.

In descending order:

Unsurprisingly The Last of Us is in first place, but more surprising is the appearance of PlayStation Vita exclusive Tearaway. It also seems that PlayStation players like to get most of their games from Amazon.

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