Today’s Deal of the Day is a brand new release which has been around for some time. Yep, you read right. Nidhogg has been floating around certain game expo’s for a while now but has never made it onto any other platform other than random Winnitron game cabinet’s, but that’s all over now because on Monday this retro-style sword fighting game hopped onto Steam and to celebrate they’ve knocked 20% off of the price!

Nidhogg has been in existence since it won the 2010 Rock, Paper, Shotgun Indie Game of the Show at the Eurogamer Expo, but failed to make an appearance on any game platform until 2014 when it eventually launched on Steam. The game itself is very simple, two pixelated characters duel it out to become the ultimate victor in a dencing tug-of-war.

Featuring single player, local multiplayer, and even online multiplayer Nidhogg is the ultimate battle of the gamers. There’s no fancy moves other than the fact that you can fight dirty and lob your sword at someone.

You can now purchase Nidhogg on Steam for £9.59 for a limited time!

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