For me, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons was a love/hate relationship. Overall the game’s visuals and the games story was gripping, exciting, and beautiful, but what really killed it for me was the weird Simlish language and the control system which sadly is one of the main unique features of the game.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons follows two brothers who are given the task to find the ingredients to create a medicine to make their father better, at least, that’s what I think was happening. The main unique feature of the game is the control system, each brother can be controlled simultaneously using the left and right thumbsticks and triggers.

How this works is that the left thumbstick and triggers control one brother, and the right stick and triggers control the other. It sounds interesting, right? Well you can read my review to see what I thought.

Whether you’re a fan of weird controls or not, it may still be worth picking up Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons on Steam for only £5.99 in the Midweek Madness sale.

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