As the Steam Sale enters its final day there’s still a huge handful of bargains to be found. One of which has to be today’s Deal of the Day. Available for the next few hours is Tiny Thief, a fantastic little adventure game involving, well, a Tiny Thief…

What’s more of a point-and-click adventure game and less of an ‘in the shadows’ sneaky strategy game, Tiny Thief brings a nice touch of comedy mixed with challenging puzzles topped off with a nice tip of the hat to classic point-and-click games from the past.

“Say hello to Tiny Thief, an unconventional hero who uses cunning and trickery to out-smart his opponents across six epic medieval adventures. But beware! He faces fearsome foes, like the Dark Knight, rogue pirates and even a giant robot!”

Grab yourself a copy of Tiny Thief over on Steam priced at £3.60 – what a steal!

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