Capcom’s randomly generating, dungeon crawling, online RPG looks to be shaping up for a release at some point in the near future.

A new trailer shows some close-ups of a team of adventurers, to the usual inappropriate Japanese piano music, squaring off against things that have more teeth than a workaholic tooth fairy and more pink bits than a visit to your favourite dodgy website. Is that a mimic at the end of the video too? Better get sharpening those pole-arms!

From what I can gather form the video, Deep Down looks to be a melding of Warframe and Demon’s/Dark Souls, set in a grim and dark fantasy world and possibly with four player co-operative gameplay. It sounds great in theory and looks every bit the next generation free-to-play title that adventure fans were hoping for.

What we do know is that you’ll be touching artifacts in a virtual real world to send yourself into the dismal depths with a team of like-minded armour wearing monster murderers.

What remains to be seen is whether Capcom can bring that free-to-play genre along in the same style as other games within that structure and not try to gouge pennies for everything.

With a bit of hope, the game will use the same foundations and you’ll be able to unlock almost everything without paying a single shiny coin. The alternative is grinding, but that can be fun with a group of friends anyway, so if the action is up to scratch, repeatedly slaying dragons will be a cinch.

According to a story in Famitsu, Deep Down’s beta should be released soon after the Japanese launch of the PS4. Until then, you can whet your whistle watching the grizzly montage in the trailer above and some flashy screenshots of the lustrous scenery and action below.

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