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Are the hackers behind the take down of League of Legends and DOTA 2 servers earlier this week PlayStation fans? It seems so as they sort-of apologised for taking down the PlayStation Network last night.

Last night the PlayStation Network was unexpectedly made temporarily unavailable for no reason at all, that was until a tweet was sent out by the same hackers to took down Club Penguin and a few days ago which read: “#PSN #DCUO #Offline by unintentional means. IT WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE PLANETSIDE 2”

Apparently the group have been taking requests via a phone number on their Twitter account bio for smaller targets. When someone suggested Planetside 2 the group tweeted: “Well our plan was for small targets today… who the hell requested planetside 2?”

Sony are yet to comment whether the PlayStation Network downtime was due to an attack or just an unscheduled hiccup that caused the network to crash.

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