It’s the second episode of Don’t Starve Won’t Starve and James is taking a venture further out into the woods. What he finds though is rather surprising. A fully made base! Full of bones. There’s a whole ton of other stuff there too and a few good tips for new Don’t Starve players. Not just good tips though. There’s a few bottom of the barrel idiotic moves rattling around in there from someone who claims to know “all there is to know” about Don’t Starve.

A public service announcemnet. If you have a PS4 and PS Plus and you haven’t yet downloaded Don’t Starve don’t miss your chance! It’s free for the next week or so before it is replaced by the horror game that scared them all, Outlast.

Again its a 3 day set cycle so the video is 24 minutes of pure unadulterated survival craziness. Do you have any tips for other Don’t Starve players? Why not stick them in that little comments section down below so the whole world cna see them! Also subscribe to us on YouTube for daily video content going up for your viewing pleasure.

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