Driveclub is looking to be the driving game that changes all driving games. Sadly it’s been delayed due to the developers wanting to polish the paintwork some more, but if you’re looking for some footage of the game you’ll be pleased to know that an internal Brand Guidelines video has been leaked which shows off some awesome footage, there’s also word that the game may be released in June according to PlayStation Magazine, Italy.

The above video focuses on some of the Driveclub Brand’s guidelines including the font used for the title, the way the title should be shown, as well as the exact colours used, during all of this we’re given a brand new look at some gameplay footage as well as some information on how the camera work is achieved and why they’re doing it that way.

Next up, PlayStation Magazine Italy seem to have accidentally revealed a rough release date of Driveclub following Sony announcing that they’ll be revealing the release date “soon”. A status that was posted to the magazine’s Facebook Page read “We like the ‘hunch’ that Driveclub will arrive in June, but you do not tell anyone…”

Of course this could be taken two ways, either it is a ‘hunch’ and the social team for PlayStation Magazine Italy were taking a stab in the dark, or Sony have allowed them to ‘tease’ the release date ahead of an official announcement.

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