Golden Poo

The Consumerist is back with their “Worst Company in America” award and it looks like the notorious golden poo will be heading to EA once again making it the third consecutive year that the company has ‘won’ the award. Uh oh.

In the latest post on The Consumerist, Chris Morran wrote: “We haven’t even begun to ask for nominations from readers for the next Worst Company In America tournament, but some are already making the case for once again giving the Golden Poo trophy to reigning two-time WCIA winner Electronic Arts.”

The article goes on to explain that even though the company’s growth has remained positive, the way it treats its consumers is what let’s the company fall mentioning the SimCity launch fiasco of 2013, and the abysmal launch of Battlefield 4 and its ongoing problems that seem to plague the game, it’s this reason why it things EA may get the prestigious award once again.

What are your thoughts? Does EA really deserve the Golden Poo for the third year running? Leave a comment below!

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