The release of Earth Defense Force 2025 is almost upon us, well by almost I mean on February 21 we’ll one again be able to battle against giant creepy crawlies firing balls of lava and acid out of their asses! What could be better than that? Oh yeah, the use of rocket launchers on said creepy crawlies.

D3Publisher today announced that Earth Defense Force 2025 has gone gold and will be available in Europe on February 21 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, what’s more because the game has been available for some time in Japan and they’ve seen some substantial DLC, we’ll be getting that too with the first pack titled “Special Ops” available starting on the date of launch.

The Mission packs will launch as follows on both consoles and will also be available as a bundle:

Special Ops – This mission pack will feature 5 new missions for £2.39 on February 21st.

Mutant Rampage – This one will feature 20 new missions for £7.19 and be available on February 26th.

Beyond Despair – Finally this one will add another 20 missions feature 20 new missions for £7.19 and be available on March 12th.

Are you excited for EDF 2025? I certainly am!


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