This hugely ambitious MMORPG has kicked up a lot of fuss surrounding it’s building tools so far. The hopefully soon to be released Landmark, a precursor to the main game, has been marked as a crafting tool with the ability to allow players to get used to the building elements to come.

This developers diary from SOE details the crafting system and how the stations work, what you can produce and a few tidbits on special concepts the team have been working on.

First up is the crafting stations themselves. We’ll be likely to see the usual cooking, tailoring and smithing tools that have been present in this genre since it began. There’s different ways to build your crafting knowledge too, from the simplistic, craft levelling, finding recipes in the open zones and with a new twist, specialist altars that appear randomly in the world that will offer a limited time to craft some extra unique items before it disappears and we’ll have to hunt for another somewhere down the line.

The other thing that will be added to crafting is the ability to use Relics. These little gems, probably dropped as loot or found while gathering will add different stats to armour, weapons and such when you mix them in with an existing recipe. More damage, health boosts and other upgrades to the items attributes are likely but until more is revealed, it’s all just supposition from us.

Go and have a look at the trailer. The lead system designer, Michael Mann gives a detailed look at what’s coming although there’s still no release date yet.

If you’d like to take part in the closed beta for Everquest Next Landmark, you can find all the information you need right HERE and hopefully, we’ll have more news for you in the coming months, as I put my third shirt in the wash from drooling down it in anticipation after watching the video.

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