Does the name Xavier Plagnal ring any bells to you? No he’s not the latest reimagining of Professor X. Nor is he the owner of the Guiness Book of Records “Worlds Most Awesome Name for a Dog” record. Xavier Plagnal is actually Studio Design Manager of Ubisoft Shanghai and his LinkedIn profile dangles bait in the faces of Far Cry fans the world over.

While Ubisoft still haven’t outright confirmed that Far Cry 4 is actually in development (or whether or not they’re going to turn it into a MOBA like everyone else is these days)  the evidence is starting to stack up of its existence. This news along with the fairly simple fact that it sold quicker and better than shark fin at an alternative medicine store does bring most of us to the conclusion that Far Cry 4 is most certainly coming. The listing on Xavier’s LinkedIn page states that he’s been working on “the next Far Cry game” since September 2013 as the Content Director but doesn’t list any more information at all.

There is of course no way to say for certain that a new Far Cry is in the works but with this evidence added to composer Cliff Martinez stating that he was currently working on the soundtrack for Far Cry 4 it might show that there is something going on in Ubisoft that they are keeping very tight lipped about. Perhaps we will see some more news when the games convention season kicks back into gear.

What are you thoughts on all this? What would you like to see in Far Cry 4 as a setting, perhaps more forests or even an more urban multi-levelled environment to sneak around killing nasty enemies in the most inventive ways possible? Are you hungry to see a return of Dr Kreugers Trigens to eat your merry little faces? Let us know down there in the comments section down below.

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