Well, maybe not yours, someone with a disturbed mind’s dreams perhaps. These atmospheric concepts have hit the internet and it looks like Shinji Mikami’s new take on survival horror will be a twisted journey through some highly creepy environs.

The Resident Evil creator has clawed his way to new depths of terror and these pictures absolutely reek of a terrifying trek to come. After the gameplay trailer last year, you should know by now that the game has pushed the horror theme in spades and that the protagonist will be traversing some kind of post apocalyptic world.

In a couple of pictures, you can see what looks like a raided gypsy camp, complete with bodies hanging from trees and desolation present in the foreground. Already covered scenes make an appearance, showing the chase through the prologue by a masked, chainsaw wielding psychopath and some nice brushstrokes of Perth House.

In addition to these, you can see there’s a focus on some cityscape artwork, drowned wood hut villages and interior pics of some doom-laden, trap filled Gothic style architecture, so the Evil Within is set to give you a varied sightseeing tour within the gameplay. That’s nice to see, especially when recent survival horror games have been focusing on mostly city-inspired settings, not exactly the creepiest of environments.

Still without an exact release date, we’re assured that The Evil Within will be available in 2014, setting heartbeats racing and bringing bile to the back of your throat.

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