Evolve – Goliath

We covered the roles of the Assault and Trapper classes last week in this bowel tightening hunt-em-up and finally, the details for the Medic have emerged from the undergrowth.

Val, our mobile and extremely handy medic comes complete with a healing gun that shoots out rays of bruise-busting, wound-welding goodness making her a must on any journey into the unknown to face whatever Turtle Rock have drummed up for us. She also has an anti-material rifle that can tag the beast’s delicate areas and allowing the rest of the squad to take it down much easier with enhanced damage to said weak spot.

val_run1Hank on the other hand, has a wide variety of abilities. He can deploy a shield from a special gun that sets up cover positions for the team to snipe from, a laser cutter which I assume will let him enter locked areas or seal off doors and the devastating, orbital barrage which reigns down fiery death on whatever you’re hunting and gives you the opportunity to shout ‘Kill it with fire!’, down the mic at your online crew.

The first mission has also been revealed over at Game Informer, where the setting is a planet called Shear. It’s a race between hunters and monster to destroy a barrier for the squad or for the big bad beastie to murder a load of civilians… Does anyone else feel that playing as the monster will be much more fun?

Speaking of the creatures, there’s news that Goliath, the first named beast, can grow up to 30 feet tall… That’s God of War boss size, and if annihilating hunters involves evolve-3stomping them into a fine red paste or picking them up and biting their heads off, I’m probably never going to want to play as one of the hunter classes. That also means that there’s more than one xenomorph to play with and add that to the fact that local flora and fauna on planets can be dangerous to human players and be as massive as the player controlled alien, it’s all going to get very bloody, very quickly.

Being such a big bastard, there’s got to be a way to counteract the sheer deadliness. That’s where jetpacks come in, giving you a bit of a helping hand to getting about fast enough to avoid earth shattering attacks. You can whizz along, dodge and scale heights for a better shot.

It all sounds like it’s coming along nicely and we’ll soon be creeping about jungle planets and caves, plotting the demise of hunter and beast alike and hopefully with inventive and gruesome results.

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