Turtle Rock Studios, the minds behind undoubtedly the best zombie game ever, Left 4 Dead, are currently in the process of building another multiplayer masterpiece in the form of an alien hunting, four-on-one hunt-em-up.

With only a sprinkling of information on the title, we can tell you that the game will feature a mode where four players take the role of a team of hunters, on the lookout for xenomorph trophies to take home and hang above their fireplace. The alien in question will be controlled by another player, apparently with skills and abilities that will more than compensate for the lack of backup.

Each character has their very own unique traits and will command different roles in the pursuit of the massive, slavering beastie as it grows bigger and more powerful over the course of a match. Hence the title ‘Evolve’. That may also include the human players as they may have to change up their battle-plan as the creature grows stronger.

From the images I’ve seen so far, the alien looks like the bastard child of Venom and a xeno from the Alien universe… That in itself is a terrifying concept, especially as it might only be it’s initial form.

With a focus on multiplayer, the game is set to be a replayable competitive and co-operative title. I’m unsure of whether that means there will be a mode that has AI controlled monsters or whether all modes will be player only. Hopefully there will be a L4D style game in there somewhere, at least to satisfy my withdrawals.

The developers are now working under 2K Games after the reselling of the IP, when THQ auctioned off their assets last year. The previous success of both devs and publisher may just help to make Evolve a title to look out for this coming Autumn for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Keep your crosshairs steady on n3rdabl3 for more news in the coming months if you’re interested in stalking uglies in the dark…

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