Okay, so the reveal isn’t exactly showing us what Markov and Griffin can do but the details are trickling out slowly, possibly like drops of wee when you play this nightmarish sounding hunt-or-be-hunted game.

Markov is the team’s assault class hunter, stacking a higher constitution than the rest of the squad and packing more heat than the Human Torch on holiday in Libya with a wooly jumper on. The big man will be equipped with Arc mines that will stun and damage the enemy and give away it’s position or they can be used to deter it from leaving a certain area, effectively trapping it. Markov also has the use of a shield which can be used by the whole team to defend against a particularly nasty attack from… Well, whatever Turtle Rock are planning to unleash on us.

markov-firingGriffin is the resident trapper of the team and sports a spear gun that can harness the monster for a short time, spikes that will alert the team to the whereabouts of said creature when it makes noise in range of them and a portable arena which will trap anyone in it’s energy field, possibly giving the hunters a chance to bring down their prey or trapping them in a situation that means imminent death if you’re not careful. He also has the added advantage of a massive Lemmy-rivaling blonde beard but it’s not confirmed whether he can stun the beast with a rendition of The Ace of Spades yet.

Evolve is a bit different from the usual co-operative online game however, as the big bad beastie will be controlled by another player, giving a more unpredictable nature to your outings into the unknown. Recently, in a Game Informer exclusive video, the developers explained that they wanted an experience that matched the movie Predator, having to stop, listen and basically feel your bowels churn as you creep around trying not to get ripped to shreds by whatever is out there.

To quote Billy in the Shwarzenegger movie:

“There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man… We’re all gonna die.”

And that quote pretty much sums up the feeling that gamers really want when they play a survival horror/action title…griffin-close2

The theory of the game in itself is a winner and something I, as a gamer have been hoping will come along for a long time. Let’s just hope they can get the tension, character balance and terror right for the final cut. As a fan of Left 4 Dead, I’m pretty much taken by the concept and experience of the development team already and ready to throw money at it.

Evolve is slated for release in Q3 of 2014 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, giving everyone the chance to fill their Y-fronts without bias.

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