A close-knit band of nostalgia fueled fans going by the pseudonyms of  Morten, %gone, Quazz, CHC, Krad, Demo and Frost have took it upon themselves to kidnap the once outdated Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 and give it one heck of a makeover, slapping on a bunch of kickass mods, injecting an abundance of new levels and getting the entire thing running in the always pleasing 1080p.

They’ve not only just overhauled the aesthetics, but they’ve even reworked its online features and gameplay, thrown in new customization options for your skater and even gave players the choice to choose whether they want it to play like the PS2 or PC version.

The video above gives us an insight into what they’ve got up and running – nothing reminds you of your age better than that classic spaced-out gameplay, eh? Putting nostalgia aside, the bold tinkerers are planning to mix in levels from every single Tony Hawk’s game, a revitalised level editor and a completely new story mode.

If you’ve got yourself a PC copy of Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, you can download a version of the mod here (or here).

It may also pay off to remember that if you do succumb to teen angst and step back on your deck, you can share any questions you may have with @frostyhawkng or @thpsx on Twitter, I imagine you they’ll be more than happy to get feedback and help you with any issues you may encounter.

For the curious, you may also be interested in checking out the Tony Hawk Mods site by CHC or the Openspy service (capable of allowing PS2/PC games to run online via PC).

Be sure to leave a comment below! Interested in trying out the mod? Have a favorite Tony Hawk’s game you’d like to see included? We’d love to know!

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