According to a video by YouTube user Robert Cram it looks as if the Xbox One exclusive Forza Motorsport 5 has hit the one million milestone just six weeks after the launch of the console which is a pretty impressive number.

In his video he shows the Online Leaderboard which does in fact show that one million individual gamertags are associated with the game which is a huge portion of the reported 2.5 million gamers that own an Xbox One. Though this isn’t a definitive confirmation that one million players have purchased the game because it obviously doesn’t count offline players and also includes players who have borrowed the game from their friends.

It is however a good indication on how well the game is doing and that it’s probably a safe assumption that the game has sold close to that number.

We’ve recently just popped up James’ review of Forza 5 which you can read here, you can also watch Brian’s first impressions of the game here.

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