Gears of War

Following the recent news that the Gears of War franchise being acquired by Microsoft gave us the hint that they are working on a new title for the Xbox One. According to the Head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, “Leadership team has been involved for a month but studio has only been on Gears for a week”, he revealed via Twitter.

So it looks to be a long wait until we find the battle hardened space marines in glorious and shiney next-gen, but I want them to take their time with this game because of the state of Gears of War Judgement, although I liked the game I didn’t get the same Gears feel of the hardcore gameplay from modes such as execution and warzone. What ever you think of these AAA releases they still take a long time to develop for example CoD takes two years to make from each studio.

Can you wait that long for the next Gears for your shiney new console? Or do you think that the series has milked the cow dry? Let me know in the comments or Tweet at me @SamColes2.


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