According to MCVUK, Dixons, the owner of high-street electronics retailers Currys/PC World will soon be selling Steam Wallet cards instead of boxed versions of PC games. The shift from physical game purchasing to online content distribution platforms has been slowly building force since internet connections began to speed up in the noughties with Steam rising as the dominant platform. Simon Urquhart of Dixons said:

“Steam is arguably the best way for gamers to purchase PC games and recent figures indicate that this is now the most popular way to shop for them,” said Simon Urquhart, category manager of PC gaming.”

“We have already embraced digital software available in-store in downloadable form. Steam will allow us to offer PC games in the same way, giving customers access to a vast library of titles at great prices in as many stores as possible.”

With Steam Machines to be widely available by the end of 2014 it shouldn’t be too long before the retail of boxed games goes the way of the Dodo. Will this become something we tell our grandchildren about while they look at us with pity and boredom? Only time will tell.

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