Following last years revelations that the NSA had been spying on you, your family, your friends, your cat, your friends cat, and load of other cats in many different countries, people (and cats) have been chatting furiously with other people (and cats) about how they can protect their privacy online. DuckDuckGo – an alternative search engine which emphasises user privacy over filter-bubble mechanics – has benefited greatly from these revelations and announced earlier that last year they broke a billion searches; ‘over one billion searches were made on DuckDuckGo’.

And, if that isn’t cool enough, if you hop on over to the DuckDuckGo traffic page you can see how quickly interest in the site grew. There was a bit of a boost following Data Privacy Day (F, on the graph), and (unsurprisingly) a rather massive one during the Snowden revelations (I) where traffic increased from 17,000,00 to 30,000,00 queries per day! I can only imagine this number growing as we move into 2014.

DuckDuckGo Traffic Analysis
DuckDuckGo Traffic Analysis

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