Following Google’s acquisition of robotics company Boston Dynamics and intelligent thermostat & smoke detector company Nest, Google have now acquired London-based artificial intelligence firm DeepMind to complete the trio. But what exactly would Google want with an AI firm?

Google are apparently putting in a $400,000 bid for the UK based AI company that comprises of over 50 staff coined as some of the talented individuals in the AI community including Demis Hassabis, the co-designer and lead programmer of the 90’s gaming hit, Theme Park.

Google, if the acquisition goes ahead, will most likely use this team of AI experts to further improve products such as Google Now and the Touchless Control technology found in the Moto X, also, the technology could also be useful with their recent acquisition of Nest by merging the two technologies to create even more intelligent home automation.

Or Google could be quietly creating an army of artificial intelligent robots combining DeepMind with Boston Dynamics. Oh my God that would be terrifying.

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