In September last year Google acquired Bump Technologies, the company behind both the Bump and Flock file sharing apps, since the acquisition work on both apps stopped and it seems that Google plan to close and remove both apps from app stores by the end of this month.

Bump was a fairly useful app that allowed two users to literally bump their phones together in order to initiate a file share. Whether it was sending a picture, document, or video file, Bump was a simple and easy to use. Flock on the other hand was a collaborative photo sharing app that Bumo Technologies launched in 2012.

According to the Bump blog the company is now “deeply focused” on their new projects within Google and have decided to discontinue both the Bump and Flock apps. On January 31 both apps will be removed from both Google Play and the App Store and after that date neither app will work and all users data will be deleted.

It’ll be interesting to see how Google implement Bump Technologies tech into their apps will we be seeing a bump to share feature coming to Android? Or will Google use Flocks technology to improve the Google+ photo gallery even more?

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