A lot has been made of the low price of many high end products released by Google in the past couple of years, and it seems this is a trend that will continue in 2014 as the California based company kicked off the year with a massive deal on their US-only mobile, the Moto X.

The first money saving offer came last week, when Motorola slashed the price of an off contract handset to $399, which is an excellent deal for a handset with top end specs and state-of-the-art voice activation technology.

This week the deal got even sweeter, as US customer’s were offered a free Chromecast when purchasing a Moto X from the Google store.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the US and want to grab a top-end smartphone and a device that allows you to stream a whole host of content straight to your TV you better get a move on, as the deal only runs until the 14 January and can be activated by using the promotional code ‘STREAM’ when checking out of the Store with a Moto X in your basket (no need to add the Chromecast, as technically the deal works as a free Chromecast with every Moto X).

This is a great little deal to try and tempt more users to pick up Google’s first venture into the smartphone market under the guise of Motorola, unfortunately us in Europe can only look on in envy at the moment, however that could all change in the near future, as some rumours are suggesting the Moto X may make the long trip across the pond and hit European shores soon.

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