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Do you ever look back on your Google search history and feel all kinds of horror and embarrassment? I did, and instead of clicking delete I wanted to share the worst ones here with you.

If you’re someone that uses Google for sensible searches, congratulations to you, you outstanding human being you!  If however you’re like me and subject that little search box to whatever comes into your head, enjoy! You are not alone.

  • Dick Van Dyke
  • What causes eye twitching?
  • Who throws a shoe?
  • I like big butts song
  • What is my kindle device?
  • The chameleon from Disney
  • Has prize island been cancelled?
  • Where was prize island filmed?
  • Lauren Harries as a boy
  • Why is Skyler White such a bitch?
  • Halloween costumes for couples
  • What language do Mexicans speak?
  • What is a spin class?
  • Hair mascara from the 90’s
  • How do to tell the difference between real and fake art on Animal Crossing?
  • Drop that dun dun dun
  • Random hole in skin
  • What did Princess Diana look like when William was born?
  • Big shiny ball in Bristol
  • Where the fuck is Crewe?
  • Where is Crewe, in England?
  • Why doesn’t Lauren like Kristen?
  • Swimming fails
  • What is it called when you’re married to more than one person?
  • Talking window
  • Lauren Conrad sex tape
  • What is bubble tea?
  • What is the difference between spring onions and salad onions?
  • Piercing fails
  • Did Pete Wentz fuck Lindsay Lohan?

Also, now I’ve seen proof of how many times I’ve googled Olivia Munn I need to stop, but dang girl!

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