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It seems that our lovely hacker friends who thought it would be a fantastic idea to falsely generate GTA$ in Grand Theft Auto Online and then dish it out amongst the community have caused more problems than the random millions were worth. And by that I mean since Rockstar decided to close GTA Online for maintenance in order to clean out any falsified cash upon returning online legitimately acquired cash seems to have also gone missing too.

A few weeks ago we received the following comment from n3rdabl3 reader JobboUK: “Got back online after this maintenance fix and $450.000 of my hard earned cash has disappeared…? I haven’t cheated once at all and yet it’s taking money that I obtained legitimately!?” at the time I thought it could have been a little hitch and perhaps next time JobboUK went online all would be well, that was until we settled down to record Friday’s ‘From Rags to Riches’ episode.

Upon arriving online I only had around GTA$60,000 a damn sight less than I had the week before as I’m pretty sure I hadn’t spent all of the GTA$500,000 given to us in the stimulus package. Either way I continued about my business until Ollie arrived online.

Previously Ollie had become a victim of our friendly hacker and had received GTA$50 million completely randomly so we knew that when he came online his cash would be significantly lower, what we didn’t think was that the legitimate money he’d acquired had also been cut down a fair chunk too, in fact it seems that he’d lost around GTA$200,000-300,000.

It doesn’t seem like we’re the only people affected either, as Ubergizmo is also reporting that some users have been losing legitimately earned cash with some players reported that cash they had purchased using the in-game micro-transactions have gone missing too.

We’ve reached out to Rockstar for a statement.

Have you found that your bank balance is looking a little low since the scheduled maintenance? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ollie Colton

I’m worried I won’t be able to afford ammo soon. The end is nigh.


I haven’t been online for about a week because of being busy but last time I was on I had about 50mil and that randomly showed up in my bank or whatever don’t know jf it was due to a glitch or a bounty or etc but I had earnt a lot of money myself about 200k and I just got on and I only have 60k?

Jesse Davies
Jesse Davies

I had a lil money missing but I have put it down to that we were using the real money to actually buy things other than the millions we received when we had all the money ive had a mate that was only left with 9000 after having about 600000 before receiving his money


I’ve been missing a lot of money. One day I had 10,000 next next I had 600.

jesse (smokendopest91)
jesse (smokendopest91)

The money gone missing is from bounties created by the hackers with counterfeit money ill also add if you received money from the hackers theres no telling of what money you were spending the counterfeit orthe real money yyou may have been spending your hatd earned dosh instead