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With the sudden age old shenanigans of cash exploits and speed-leveling hitting the steadily thriving world of GTA Online, Rockstar have decided to lay down the law with an introduction to the latest title update, the 1.09 patch – will this pose as a problem to all the miscreants amid the servers? Let’s see what we can expect from the patch:

Now, the initial visual differences are subtle at best, that would be because there literally aren’t any. Rockstar have skipped the glitch support this time around and dished out a reworked anti-cheat system along with restrictions on GTA$ and Reputation Points to put the squeeze on the no-doubt fairly memorable “Loan Sharks” handing out millions at a time – sometimes without invitation – to other players, all whilst sitting on a rather suspicious, practically impossible rank.

So with Rockstar’s hammer coming down on the so-called “hackers” in GTA Online, we can expect to see all players earning their fortunes fairly through the typical means of in-game activities and jobs or the purchase of stimulus packages through the in-game store.

How will Rockstar be separating the wheat from the chaff? Well it’s been confirmed support staff will be doing regular “sweeps” in order to catch any cheaters or modders, along with rejecting any illegitimate cash transactions between players. The security system is comprised of “in-game automated detection, examination of suspicious gameplay statistics, and also manually-reviewed evidence submitted by the Community.”

It seems Rockstar are stepping up their game compared to the utter chaos we saw evolving in the online world of Grand Theft Auto V’s predecessor, IV – Rockstar seem adamant at achieving their most established product, and that’s always great news.

Active players will remember the update released last month which brought us four new team based games and 20 new jobs, also patching the infamous flaw of Update 1.06 where users could quite cleverly sell their cars endlessly, potentially raking in millions of in-game dollars with little to no effort at all.

Do you think Rockstar can keep up their game? We can sure hope so.

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It just seems endless lol watch someone else will hack it again