GTA Online Heist Locations, Rewards, and More Discovered.

We’re all expecting good things from Rockstar this year in terms of content coming to GTA Online, we already know that co-operative heists are in the works as well as the GTA community themselves creating a ton of new jobs in the Creator that was launched in November last year. It seems like Rockstar have a lot up their sleeves actually, if a post on the GTA Forums is to be believed.

According to a community member by the name of “funmw2″, they’ve allegedly discovered some details which are rumoured to be a part of the upcoming update. Of course this has required taking a gander at the games code, something that’s been done before to uncover other previously unannounced features.

The first big detail the forum user found was the details for a Heist titled “Ornate Bank Heist”. In terms of details the heist is expected to pay out around GTA$80,000 split between a minimum of four players and and a maximum of six players. You’ll also be rewarded with 1140 RP and you’ll be required to be at least rank 60 to take part.

It was discovered that the Heist’s payout rang in at GTA$80,000 which would be split between 4 players (minimum) to 6 players (maximum). The job would also reward players with 1140RP and would require participants to be at least rank 60.

In addition to the hidden heist details “funmw2” also found out some location coordinates which indicate the start position as well as two other locations, presumably where vehicles or items needed for the heists can be found.

Of course until Rockstar announce the update for GTA Online with the inclusion of the “Ornate Bank Heist” it’s best to take this information with a pinch of salt.

If this information was correct what do you think to the heist rewards? GTA$80,000 for a bank job split between four players is a little bit measly don’t you think? Let me know your opinions in the comments below.

  • GTA5 sucks!

    $80,000 is stupid. People give away millions daily in this game. It’s broken beyond repair.

  • Rhys

    i definitely agree that the rewards are to small I also think that lvl requirement is to high because like me I’m lvl 12 because I’m not really interested in jobs I experts the hiests to be realized within the launch of online so I’m bored with the game apart from messing around in free roam I have been waiting for heists cuz that is what I got the game for but now finding out the requirement for this is lvl 60 I dont think I will ever be taking part in a heist!

  • Trey

    Well, TBH, Ive already had everything cool you can possibley get from the game’s current version, but I think it would still be pretty cool to even play through the heist. Also, I cant waot for R* to patch up all of these money mods people are throwing around. This game has so much potential, but being rich is a little boring…

  • James Knack

    Stupid as some people may feel the amount is. Surely the most important thing here is the fun factor, not so much about the cash money that can be gained from a job. By the time you’re 60 normally money is falling out of every orifice and bullet hole on you

  • BastardWong

    All thats gonna happen is every time a mission is almost complete your team mates will turn on you and steal your cash. I am one of those people.

    I will steal all your money, clothes and hairstyles at every opportunity. You all have very very small wangs

  • Alex Johnson

    If you think about it, GTA$80,000 is a pretty good payout compared to a payout in normal missions where the best can be GTA$23,000. But its not really about the money, its about the thrill of doing heists and the amount of steps you can plan and do are up to 20 I’ve heard and that’s a lot bigger than the single-player’s heists. You may get a lot more money through the money glitch but that completely ruins the whole aspect and aim of the game and there is not that feel of achieving something. People like ‘BastardWong’ use glitches like that and ruin it for everyone else who wants to play the game fairly and those who are true GTA fans.

  • StupidityThynameis Alex

    I guess Alex should learn some basic maths: $80 000 divided by 6 (6 people doing the heist) equals to $13 333.

    I get more for stealing and selling a car for Simeon!

    • D

      you don’t have to use 6 people you can just use 4

  • F00gzz

    Should be able to own a garage and a house, take out all the stuff people don’t want like fucking tennis, golf and arm wrestling, I’m sure if ppl wanted to play golf they’d fucking buy tiger woods, it’s suppose to be a game of mayhem and no rules whatever goes….and get rid of bad sports lobby, seems to me I pay GTA$ when I blow up someone’s car, micro transactions ruined the whole game!!!!! They want all the pussys and whiners to still play and not get fed up with the real GTA champs! Who will fuck their shit up

  • Ben

    I dunno…If you think about it, in GTA Online, 80 K is quite a bit of cash. I’m more into heists for the fun you get out of planning the thing, acting it out, and gettin’ away. But gettin a lotta money, that’s like a bonus! 80 Thousand could go a long ways in GTA Online if you, for instance, SAVE IT, or buy somethin you’ve been Savin for. Can’t wait f

  • Ben

    R * to introduce heists tho.. It’ll make multiplayer all the more better! Cheers!

  • isaiah

    80k is shit a BANK ROBBERY should not pay so little I mean really that’s really nothing especially if you have to split it between 4 to 6 people you can already do that easy ass coveted mission over and over off the host job list for 12000 this is ridiculous

  • D

    If you want money chase down a modder with a 2billion dollar bounty kill them. Like the other people here I want the Heist for fun not for money that and I already have 7.5 billion dollars :-P.

  • stoneking

    Wow man 80,000$ really that’s 20 grand if u only have four players might as well do a survival or something total bs man and level 60 really I’d play the game more but ran outta shit to do been waiting for heists so I can make sum real change but don’t look like that will happen this game is about to b a flop just like call of duty ghost made out to b the shit and wat yea garbage anyway fuck call of duty ghost black ops 2 the way to go and rockstar man this game was the business and not really not u guys r just suckin the blood from this game. Good luck on that

  • PenguinsGoWaddle

    I just like Penguins. K