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It looks like Dance Central developer Harmonix has pulled the plug on an unannounced and mystery project which was heading to Xbox One. But what could it be?

It looks like the LinkedIn profile of a Harmonix designer has revealed that an “unannounced Xbox One Kinect title” has been cancelled which has lead to speculation as to what exactly has been given the axe?

Some suggest that seeing as there’s been no real Dance Central announcement for this year it could very well be that, but others seem to think that it may be something to do with the mystery combat title that the company were rumoured to be working on – a strange choice for a developer most used to creating music-focused titles.

Of course whatever the game was is yet to be revealed and may in fact never get revealed. The company seems to have a few projects up its sleeves including a move to mobile as the company works on two unknown mobile titles.

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