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It’s rare that a game so frustrating will have me wanting to stop work and play it over and over again just to get even more frustrated and close to throwing my phone through the wall. Currently that game is Flappy Bird, a game that seems to have shot to the top of every app store out of nowhere and is filling our social feeds with peoples impossible scores.

Flappy Birds is a simple game similar to that helicopter game that required to to tap on the screen to ascend and remove your finger to descend. Presented in a simple pixel art style your aim is to get the bird through the gaps between as many Mario-esque pipes as possible without hitting anything, because if you do, it’s game over.

Tap to flap is the only way you can describe the only simple yet ridiculously challenging gameplay mechanic that’s presented to you in Flappy Birds. It’s so simple, yet I’m finding it close to impossible to get higher than 19 and even then, that was more of a fluke. It’s one of those games that’ll get you slapping yourself on the forehead because you tapped on the screen a little too soon, asking yourself “why did you do that? Are you an idiot?”

It’s the games simplistic mechanics and presentation yet close to impossible challenge that has you coming back for more, that and every Tom, Dick, and Harry sharing their “I’m better than you” scores on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and every other social networking medium available making you want to shove your score in their smug little faces. It’s also one of those games where everyone has their own method or they think they’ve “cracked” the real way to play it.

Agh I hate this game, but at the same time I can’t get enough of the little big pixel beaked bugger.

Flappy Birds is available on iOS and Android and it seems to have taken the mobile world by storm. It’s currently in third place on Google Play and is currently the top app on iOS beating the likes of Candy Crush Saga, Snapchat, and Facebook. I’m pretty sure .Gears Studios doesn’t know what’s hit them.

Because I wanted to be one of those smug bastards too, though I spent way to long trying to get 19 again and just gave up.

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It is not exactly a new game, it is a very bad rip off of the Helicopter Game created in 2004. Just google ‘Helicopter Game’ and see what I mean.