Nokia Android UI

Update: It seems like the images below could be revealing a glaringly obvious hint at a possible reveal or announcement for the Android powered Nokia phone. The images below have Tuesday 25 marked on the calendar, the next Tuesday 25 is in February, what’s happening on Tuesday 25? Well the Mobile World Congress is going to be in full swing so perhaps there’s a reveal on the table?

We’ll keep you updated.

Original Story: My personal favourite tech tipster @evleaks has just tweeted a brand new image showing of Nokia Normandy’s forked Android user interface which doesn’t stray too far from Windows mobile.

The below image was leaked earlier with the caption “Two ways to interact with Normandy.” and shows two separate user interfaces which I presume can be used to navigate around the Android powered smartphone. The images on the left show a more Windows Mobile-esque live tiles mixed in with Android icons.

The image on the right shows what could possibly be the smartphones notification drawer, or a Windows Mobile style app drawer though the missed call notifications suggest it’s a notification area.

There’s also the inclusion of Android apps such as Vine, BBM, and Viber which suggests that Google Play may be available. The length of the images also suggest that it’ll have a Windows Phone vertical scrolling launcher instead of Android’s horizontal scrolling pages.


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