At CES this week Sony announced PlayStation Now, their highly anticipated PlayStation 3 gaming streaming service, It looked awesome on paper but there was just a few things which I needed answering before I was fully sold on the idea. Thankfully, those questions have been answered.

Sony have revealed that the company plan to get PlayStation Now to work on almost every connected device, starting with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, followed by the PlayStation Vita and Sony Bravia TV’s and then finally any internet connected device such as Android tablets and iPads. But there’s one question that was niggling me. How do we play popular PlayStation 3 games on the Sony Brivia TV or on an iPad?

Well along with the one-off rental fee or subscription fee to play games via PlayStation Now, you’ll be required to purchase a proprietary controller to play, more specifically a DualShock 3 controller for use on the Bravia TV, smartphones, and tablets. Not overly surprising that one, but it does void the whole portability of playing PlayStation 3 games whilst you’re away from your main gaming systems.

Next up, the required connection. Streaming full blown games won’t need a great deal of processing power but in order to get the full gaming experience you’re going to need a decent internet connection. Sony have revealed that a recommended 5 Mbps connection is needed in order get the best experience using the cloud streaming service. Probably more so if you plan on using the games multiplayer capabilities.

So how do you get to become a part of the US PlayStation Now beta before it launches in the Summer? Well, there’s no real information on that just yet, but if you head over to the PlayStation Now page, there’s the option to “sign up for more information” but you’re required to add a little more info than you would for your usual newsletter registration. Either way, if you’re wanting more info on the service, why not sign up, who know’s you’ll probably know before anyone else about the beta if it does happen.

Finally, PlayStation Access has released a fantastic video which you can see above which explains some more information about the PlayStation Now service, it’s definitely something I recommend you take a look at if you want to know more.

PlayStation Now is set to launch on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in the Summer in the United States, Sony have said that information surrounding PlayStation Now coming to other countries including the UK are to follow.

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False advertising on your article title.
There is no beta released, but you want the hits, I get that, but I probably won’t visit this site anymore as you’re titles are misleading.